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Where next for car technology?

Where next for car technology?

Car technology is evolving all the time. Motor manufacturers need to constantly innovate their new models so that they don’t get left behind by the competition. New technologies are appearing all the time, so let’s look at some of the exciting new innovations that are taking the motoring world by storm.

The days of driverless cars are not far away, and some brand-new cars already have autopilot functionality. In a few years’ time, it could become a common sight to witness a car moving along serenely while the ‘driver’ turns around to talk to his/her passengers or watch a movie.

Cars may also soon have hologram windshields where important information like driving speed and directions appear on your windshield as an alternative to you needing to glance down at your dashboard or GPS device. Only the driver will be able to see this information, which will be presented in a way that’s clear but not distracting.

This infographic from Southside Motor Factors http://www.smf.ie/products/car-diagnostic-tools.767.html  features many more car technology innovations that we can expect to see before long. What else awaits motorists in the years ahead?





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