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ClassiQ Apologize to Rahma Sadau.

ClassiQ Apologize to Rahma Sadau.

claqMost of Nigerians and outside world were aware that Rahma got expelled after the release of a video from the popular musician Classiq featuring Rahma Sadau, The Musician realease an apology note on his instgram page yesterday, as he said,

ClassiQ Apology to Rahama Sadau:

Following the release of my official music video “I Love You” featuring Avala, with a cameo from the very talented Rahama Sadau, it has come to my attention that the video has been met with strong criticism from certain quarters.

As much as I believe in the art that I call music, I am also sensitive to some cultural perception towards the professional challenges that we all face. To this end, and further to my private apologies, I would like to make an unreserved public apology to Rahama Sadau for the consequences she is facing for appearing in my video. I would also like to apologize to the fans and audience of my music who have been offended by the content of my music. I assure you that no offence or disrespect was intended; just the creation of beautiful music and a video portrayal of my art.

Rahama, you are a supremely talented and hardworking young lady, who is excelling in your industry and pushing boundaries. You remain a role model; we stand with you.

Thank you for taking the time out to work with me.

Yours truly,