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How to identify MTK smartphone.

How to identify MTK smartphone.


Most of us dont know what MTK stands for, well MTK means Mediatek it was well-known chip manufacturing company based in Taiwan that mostly outsources their products, hence they are regarded as Fables companies. They specialize in manufacturing the Central Processing Unit (CPU chips) for wireless telecommunications, HDTVs, DVD etc. Their largest demands come from the Chinese mobile tech market.

From now on when ever we say MTK it means that phones that runs MTK chips/CPU.

The MTK companies vowed to give more for less by providing high spec smartphones for a cheaper rate that no other mobile manufacturers have been ble to beat.

During the early time of the commercial launch of Android Operating Systems, the big guns like Google Nexus, Samsung, hTC etc. were the major producers of devices that run on the Android OS.

Also the Android devices produced by those big guns runs on mostly custom built or US manufactured Qualcomm Snapdragon chipsets.

But as time goes on, Google the current developers of the Android OS began licensing of its software to many other companies and hence MTK phone makers across the globe quickly keyed into the line of Android powered devices and now have millions of such devices in their archive.

Lists of MTK Android Phone Makers:

> Tecno

> Infinix

> Gionee

> Innjoo

> Itel

> Elephone

> Jiayu

> Oppson


> Pipo

> Oppo

> Chuwi

> Yusun