Home News Chibok Girls: Boko Haram Release new video.

Chibok Girls: Boko Haram Release new video.

Chibok Girls: Boko Haram Release new video.


Boko Haram has released a new video containing ‘girls that was kidnapped over two years ago in north-eastern Nigeria.

The abducted girls are 276 Chibok school, and still more than 200 of them were with the Boko Haram.This is the third published video shows the girls since they were abducted.

Nigerian Minister of media, Lai Mohammed, said the government was in talks with those who published the video.Boko Haram began to speak in the video said some of the girls were injured some are already dead mostly by airstrike of Nigerian Army and some of them are in critical condition.

He also said they get almost 40 of them married.He added that “we need the government to release the men, if not, we will not ever let these girls go.”

Video shows a group interview with one of the abducted girls, which calls herself Maida Jacob,

The man had asked the government to release fighters that were imprisoned.

“I’m looking for parents to stand and to talk with the government to let us go back home,” as she said in the Kabaku language .You can see one of the girls that are sitting behind holding a baby.

Government feared that many of the children were forced to have sex with them, while others were forced to marry their captors.

And the video containing dead bodies, the group said the armed forces killed them with airstrikes.

Boko Haram is seven years against the Nigerian government, and recently was part of the breakaway where he came under the IS group claims to establish the Islamic state.

The group has killed and arrested thousands of people in recent decades, while more than two million people have fled their homes.