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Labour rejects life pension for political office holders

Labour rejects life pension for political office holders
The leadership of Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) on Tuesday reiterated opposition to the proposed life pension for public office holders.
Ayuba Wabba, NLC President who issued the warning in Abuja, urged the Senate to “outlaw the criminal pensions for ex-governors and any other undeserving retiree through an amendment” of the Constitution.
While stressing the need for caution, he argued that the “height of this infamy and greed was when exiting governors literally coerced or seduced State Houses of Assembly into writing into “Law” their severance packages which take a sizeable percentage of the state’s budget.
“We at the Congress believe that politics is about service-delivery and not robbery. Senators should therefore get their priorities right, whip themselves into line and perform the tasks for which they are elected.
“These tasks as defined by the constitution are law-making, over-sight and investigation.
“There are issues in the Constitution begging for attention such as devolution of power, autonomy for local governments etc. These are amendments that will not only bring government closer to the people but will unleash the potentials of local government councils,” Wabba said.
He also urged the Senate to outlaw the criminal pensions for ex-governors and any other undeserving retiree through an amendment of the Constitution.
“Similarly, Nigerians have consistently expressed their desire to have removed from the Constitution absolute immunity clause for President and Governors and their Deputies.  Rather than heed to their demand, Senators are more interested in feathering their nests or how they can over-shine the executive and their judiciary in perks and perquisites.
“In their blind quest, they completely forgot that for any member of the judiciary to qualify for life pension, he or she must have spent a minimum of 35 years in service.
“Finally, the Senate is advised to be focused instead of indulging in self-serving frivolities.  Anything to the contrary will draw the wrath of the people.”
The NLC helmsman however applauded the hard stance of some “discerning members” including Senators Ali Ndume (Majority Leader), Godswill Akpabio (Minority Leader) and Oluremi Tinubu to the proposed amendment on the following grounds that “excessive privileges for Senate President and House Speaker and their Deputies are neither desirable nor necessary.
“Senate President/House Speaker are elected by members and not the public, unlike President and Governors and their Deputies;
“The privileges already enjoyed by the leadership of the two chambers are enormous; unlike the leadership of the executive, the leadership of the legislature has no tenure limitation.
“We at the Nigeria Labour Congress would want to go on record as having opposed the idea of putting the President and Speaker of the House of Representatives and their Deputies on life pension,” Wabba stressed.
The NLC chieftain who reiterated opposition to the life pension for political office holders, described the recent move by the Senate as attempt “to expose the ludicrousness and vanity of their logic.
“We are convinced, nothing but ego and greed are the over-riding interest for wanting to put the leadership of the Legislature on life pension.
“What the governors have done is unrealistic and immoral and rather than ensure the right thing is done, some Senators have elected to set-up for themselves a model that is at once bad, immoral, illegal and unsustainable.
“The concept of pension derives from 35 years of meritorious service. However, politicians in time, subverted this time-honoured practice by nawarding themselves generous severance packages after four years in office.
“These packages not only make a mockery of what public servants take, the beneficiaries are paid up front while the average public service pensioner dies on the verification queue!” the statement read.