Home News Muslim Group Rejects New NYSC Date.

Muslim Group Rejects New NYSC Date.

Muslim Group Rejects New NYSC Date.

The Muslim Rights Concern, MURIC, has rejected the new date of June 13th being fixed for the National Youth Service Corps 2016/17 Batch A (Stream II) orientation camp after series of  postponements and cancellations .It is based on this that INFORMATION NIGERIA has put together the reasons they cited.

The group said the date coincided with Muslim corps members’ Ramadan fasting.

They also said dehydration sets in later in the day particularly in the hotter regions of Nigeria

Adequate Sahuur (early morning meal taken approximately between 4 am and 5.15 am) cannot be guaranteed in the NYSC camp.

Also  the Futuur (meal taken at sunset to break fast ) be timely as camp schedules are bound to ignore and subsume this very important period.

Also they said attending orientation camp and partaking in the energy-sapping activities on empty stomach is an  invitation to health crisis.

They equally said that morning drills in NYSC camps are known to be rigorous and the soldiers in charge will not take excuses

NYSC may therefore be inviting Muslim corpers to step on landmines in the planned orientation camp if it holds as presently scheduled

They also  said that the whole month of Ramadan is a period of spiritual dedication.

And lastly they said that there are so many other spiritual exercises in which Muslims must engage during fasting, the tafsiir (exegesis of the Qur’an) session, the taraawih (late evening supererogatory prayers) and nawaafil (night supererogatory prayers)which the NYSC camp would not permitt them.