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4 Ramadan Tips For Non Muslims

4 Ramadan Tips For Non Muslims

As Muslims in Nigeria continue the Ramadan fast with other Muslims of the world, Asuktek brings you 4 tips non-Muslims could adhere to, in order to help fasting Muslims have a hitch free fast.

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1. We know you have the freedom to eat when and where you like but for the sake of being a good neighbor, try to avoid eating in front of a fasting Muslim.

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2.Bosses should try to be patient with fasting Muslim employees because we know its not easy for someone who has not eaten to keep up in terms of strength. Although they have eaten at night and early in the morning the body will still need food to function during the day, so understand.

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3.When your Muslim friend or colleagues stays a foot away when you’re talking or avoid close contact they don’t want to bother you with their breathe so understand because you know the breathe of someone who hasn’t eaten can’t be really fresh. Halitosis is the name.

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4.For those of you, who like to post photos of your breakfast, lunch and dinner on Instagram, you might want to postpone that behavior till after the fast. This is not the time.