Home News Buhari government to make sure poor people receive N5000.

Buhari government to make sure poor people receive N5000.

Buhari government to make sure poor people receive N5000.


The presidency has reiterated that it will pay N5000 to the poor in the country – 30 per cent of the poor in each state will be catered for – The money will be paid to banks after BVN verification The President Muhammadu Buhari-led federal government would soon begin payment of money to poor families to ease hardship. Daily Trust reports that Maryam Uwais who is the special adviser on social investments in the office of the vice president made this revelation in Abuja on Monday, May 23 at a workshop on Child Poverty and Social Protection in West and Central Africa. She noted that 30% of the poor in every state and local government would be catered for while the figure would be increased to about 50% in 2017. “For the first time, government has budgeted money for the poor in the country. We have been given the mandate to develop a register for poor people. First and foremost, we are going into the communities organising socio group discussions and asking the communities themselves what poverty means to them.” She said N5000 will be the bench mark for each family. “There is poverty everywhere but if we say everybody is below the poverty line, poverty is higher in some places than others, so to avoid ghost beneficiaries we have asked them to have BVN so banks can pay directly to them.” READ ALSO: Buhari will pay N5000 to unemployed Dr Fatimata Dia Sow who is the commissioner of social affairs and gender at the ECOWAS said despite intervention by government to improve the lives of children across Africa, most of them were still grappling with extreme poverty which had strongly retarded development.  The monthly pay for the poor and unemployed Nigerians had generated a lot of issues among Nigerians who thought the presidency had been dishonest with the promise to the Nigerian populace. The president has reiterated that he will fulfil his campaign promise with the payment of unemployed youths being one of them.