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How to cool down Android phone and increase response run fast.

How to cool down Android phone and increase response run fast.


Nowadays most of the phones are android, since then a lot of people are complaining about their android phones are getting hot and consume battery faster. that lead to freezing of the phone and took some long time to respond to commands.

In this post i will show you some proven ways to bypass that problem.

  • Kill & Uninstall Misbehaving Apps: Task killer apps are unnecessary because Android normally does a good job of managing processes for you. However, in some cases, an app may misbehave, taking up a lot of CPU time and slowing your system. You can identify these apps from the Task Manager by their high resource usage.
  • Install a Different Browser: If you’re one of the majority of Android users stuck on an older version of Android, like Gingerbread, you could see a performance increase from installing a new browser. Android’s built-in browser is only updated with the operating system, which means that Gingerbread’s browser hasn’t been updated in a long time.
  • Delete Unused Applications: What are the unused app doing on your mobile, delete it to make space … go to settings > applications then choose desired application to remove.
  • Save Apps to Memory Card: Save apps to memory card to make your mobile space free, so as the phone to carry out necessary task with ease.
  • Deleting Read & Sent Messages:Most of the people have the habit of keeping sms from service providers like airtel, glo, mtn and etisalat. You don’t have to, imagine a sms from service provider occupies up to 35kb and when you keep up to 28 messages that’s approximately 1 Mega Byte, so keep you message box tidy.
  • Restarting Your Mobile Every Morning: Restarting your android, releases occupied memory spaces and it boost your mobile from hanging because android is like PC running application can occupy your phones RAM.