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How to install facebook pixel on wordpress.

How to install facebook pixel on wordpress.

For anyone to get much benefits of his/her facebook ad one must install facebook pixel on his/her blog or e-commerce website.

The Facebook pixel is a piece of JavaScript code for blogs or e-commerce websites that enables you to measure, optimize and build audiences for your ad campaigns. Using the Facebook pixel, you can leverage the actions people take on your website across devices to inform more effective Facebook advertising campaigns.

For you to install facebook pixel you must follow the following steps.

  1. Go to plugin section in your word press admin area and search for “facebook pixel” a search result will come up a a lot of plugins just look for “facebook conversion pixel” install it. and active it.
    faCEBOOK 1
  2. Click the “Settings” link to visit the settings section for the Facebook Conversion Pixel Plugin. FACEBOOK2
  3. Once you get to the settings area. You can assign the content types that will show the option to add Facebook conversion pixel to in WordPress. This will usually be a single page such as a “Thank You” page or an “Order Complete” page. Click Save if you make any changes.facebook3
  4. Then generate facebook pixel from facebook or goto https://www.facebook.com/ads/manage or https://business.facebook.com then goto “increase conversion to your website” then generate your pixel. Your pixel code will look like.face
  5. Now that you have the conversion pixel, head to the pages you want this added to. Remember that if you selected “pages” in the Facebook Conversion Pixel Plugin settings, you will only see this option on your pages, not posts. If you want to see it on your posts, you will need to enable that option as well. My advice is to only enable it for the fields that you will be using that indicate a final conversion.

    When you get to your thank you page, click “edit page” and you will see a section for the Facebook Pixel Conversion Code. Select the box next to “Insert Code” and then paste your conversion script into the lower box. Hit “Update” on the page and you’re all set. This will automatically place your Facebook conversion pixel into the head of this page which is where Facebook requires it to be placed in order to track correctly.face finalewe are done with it.