Home Offers Unlimited acces to what’s app airtel.

Unlimited acces to what’s app airtel.

Unlimited acces to what’s app airtel.

Airtel unlimited whats app

Airtel call it unlimited while I call it not unlimited I don’t know why most of the network providers in Nigeria used to call such offers unlimited but any way I don’t blame them the fault is NNC.

Airtel collaborate with whats app to allow the airtel customers that use what’s app to have access to what’s app chat with only 100 naira for the whole month the subscription will allow airtel customers to have access to whole whats app feature like share video, image, voice notes and what’s app calls.

But later I found out that airtel is giving only 50 mb for the whole unlimited thing which not much data for most of us that send images most of the time and receive calls from family and friends via what’s app calls feature with this I think it might not exceed a week maximum. Once you finished the data the whole chatting thing will stop working until you subscribe again.

One of the dis advantage is that the data will only work for what’s app not any other applications for android users I think this is not good because most of the androids consume data with out opening any other application so be careful.

Here are the subscription codes just dial *948# which will cost 100 naira ( don’t forget it was only 50 mb).
To check your balance just dial *885*0#