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Free Calls from mtn Offer last while time running

Free Calls from mtn Offer last while time running

Free calls

Unbelievable can you believe it? Mtn free calls, is been a while for mtn to bring free calls to their customers most of the time they use to bring offer like this and later when user subscribe they will just say you are not eligible for this offer, or they will allow you to subscribe then the offer will be useless .

Like other offers this one like the other offers but they are not the same because not every number is allowed to benefit from this offer they are choosing but honestly I don’t know how they choose but you have to try it yourself and see whether your number is eligible or not but for sure this offer works like they said.

Here are the details of the offer as they said.

For every 3 minutes straight call to mtn number the user will get 30 minutes free to keep on talking on the same call between 5am and 8 am daily, what mtn mean here is that for example you call you girlfriend between that time you have to reach 3 minutes for you to get 30 minutes free and for you to enjoy that 30 minutes you have to continue talking to her without cutting the call but as soon as you exhaust your 30 minutes they will continue deducting your money for the rest of the time you add.

If you want to get another 30 minutes you have to cut the call and call again then they will deduct your money for 3 minutes then you continue.

Sorry I forget to tell you how to subscribe here is the thing TEXT GMN to 131. If you are eligible you will get reply saying you are eligible if not you will see “Sorry, you are not eligible for this promo. Look out for other great offers from MTN. thank you.